Welcome to my Website!

Hi, I'm MagusZ! As of now I'm just a student who likes to write and has a strong interest in anime and technology, particularly Linux and FLOSS. I've been inspired by many other neocities authors to create my own website. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute to the overall privacy, security, Linux and anime landscape!

I'm working on a few articles as of now, I don't have a timeframe or anything nor a Git repository - I'll keep it simple at first. I'll also work on making the site look better than the bland slab it currently is. I'm going for a Solarized look and design. I plan on keeping it free of excessive JS dependencies, and seeing how simple the site as its core, that means I likely won't ever use JS.

If you need to contact me, I'm magus@snopyta.org at XMPP, though I do not check this frequently at all (like once a month max, usually less). As for Discord... I do still use this and quite frequently but i don't take friend requests (i don't even have the setting on anymore but it still wont let me take any, idk why). Contact me on XMPP if you wish to add me on Discord, or perhaps we're in the same server (I go under Magus). In general most of my accounts are not publicly revealed nor will they ever be, not that I use much. I'm also on the Fediverse with the account magusz@fosstodon.org.

FWIW I am a senior in HS and I am beginning to get quite busy with college apps, learning how to program well (I'm learning Python atm), choosing a career (surprisingly tech may not be it) and general day-to-day things. My article output will likely remain quite low until senior year is over. It'll be more during first semester though because my classes are much easier this semester than next semester, where I'll actually have to work. I also am not really sure what to write about that really puts me apart and that takes a lot of thought.

3/5/2020 UPDATE: New article on the way. Thanks for 10k views!

A reminder to some people who messaged me - This site exists for me. I am doing this for myself and most of this serves as a record archive for me. I am not trying to "make it big" and no I don't care that I'm "useless to society" for not wanting to be big. If this helps you, then that's good! But if not, then don't harass me over it.


What Machines/Operating Systems Do I Run?

Figured someone might ask me that soon so here we go, bold machines are my daily drivers:

If someone asked me what OS I'd recommend - this is a case by case scenario, but generally my top choices are Ubuntu MATE, Kubuntu, EndeavourOS or Arch. While I wouldn't recommend Arch to a total newcomer, I would absolutely recommend it for anyone who has a shred of experience within them.

What Software Do I Use?

I decided to put this its own page, which you can find here.

Which Anime/Manga Have I Watched/Read?

I'm making this a separate page as my own anime list. I dislike the anime tracking services as I feel they just have no point compared to jsut writing your own list. Is it that difficult to do? You can find that list here.

On a final note, this is all under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International. Don't be a dick please. For those wondering why I chose it over the GNU FDL, I primarily wanted non-commercial power but also because the FDL is written for documentation and it shows when you actually read the license. This isn't documentation lol.