What Software Do I Use?

Introduction and a Disclaimer

This was generally beginning to get too long for my homepage and there's other relevant info here too so I figured I'd split this into its own page. Software choice is incredibly deep, fun and important for actual computer usage. It basically defines your experience. However, it's difficult to really do this alone with no guides or recommendations. I felt that the quality of most recommendation sites was pretty poor in general. I hope that my recommendatiosn are of use in helping improve the landscape.

As usual, this is heavily opinionated so please don't whine that your favourite shillware was opposed in this. Also neocities is bugging out with this for me fsr, I'm not sure why. Apologies if random things like spaces between entires are missing - I proofread it thoroughly and everything's there, but it just doesn't want to work fsr.

General Notes

There are some noticeable patterns you can find amongst what I use. I've listed them out here as guidelines to reading them:

And that's honestly it. Anything more would be case by case, which is the purpose of what is below. I may add more later on.

What Software Do I Use?

It's most likely I'll be reviewing most of these but I figured it can't hurt to put this here and might even serve as good recommendations. So without further ado, here's what I use:


Deserves its own section due to its inherently different nature. In general, I mostly emulate games as I feel games have declined in quality since the early 2010s (in particular the community SUCKS) and I don't have much money to work with. That being said, the free software games out there are honestly pretty good - tehy may not be the flashiest but they're genuinely fun and extensible, as well as very performant so I can play even when stuck on my older PCs.

FOSS Games

These deserve a shoutout for the fun they give.