Hello, my name is Joseph. I will not be identifying my full name here just yet (I think its in the copyright though?) but my first name irl is genuinely Joseph.


Not really interested in putting much here. I'm currently 18 years old, I'm Bangladeshi (this probably reveals me by itself LOL there's not a lot of Bangladeshi Josephs out there) and I attend university (though I won't say which one). I was born and raised in Wake County, NC (won't say if I go to uni in NC or not though). Throughout my life I've had quite an adventure, even if it mostly in hte same place.

I won't say much more. If you know me you know me, if I put this on some application just know I do this for fun and not to seem better for apps (else I might actually get off of my butt and write a bit more lol, also I'd have only done technical articles for that purpose which, well, I do more as you can see).

As for hobbies outside of tech/video games/anime, yes I do things other than Linux XD: