6/20/2020 UPDATE: I am shelving this article for now. It will be entirely revamped later on as I've changed views quite a bit and a lot of the article wasn't written in the good faith of making a fair, unbiased argument. I also am very sick of writing it and trying to investigate the issues behind it - the Linux elitists (looking at you suckless but also calling out Tom___ of nuegia.net, who literally threw a temper tantrum like a 5 year old about how his whole life as a "good dev" was ruined by Red Hat all for me daring to say I use GNOME. Frankly dude I'm not a dev but all you really ahve to show for shit is a slight fork of Pale Moon with very lightly changed settings. If you're gonna be this much of an arrogant asshole at least have something to back it up) make investigating the issue very unfun and it's quite draining on me. A good tl;dr is to avoid suckless's community, they are the people that drove me to make this article. The software isn't good imo and I can't recommend most of it but st is worthwhile honestly with a few patches. I will say though that surf without a doubt is the worst browser I've used and is not suitable for the modern web, and even many suckless lackeys don't like it.

Some good links that show my views here well are Turning suckless into suckmore (it comes from a guy who does the deep end of linux right, huge fan of his site) This response to one of the links I have down below that now only lives in as comments. another set of responses to it hopefully he doesn't mind me linking his site, an argument against the elitism around ricing

As always, keep on rocking what you do, and remember to be a bit mature about it. Just because you can flame people on the internet and it's the edgy thing to do/easier to do than to be polite about it doesn't mean you should. If you're so close minded that you seclude yoruself from anyone who criticizes you for being an asshole, or if you genuinely fall into the "I feel its this way and thus it objectively is because I'm the only one who knows right", you're the type of person I'm writing about. The Internet can be a beautiful place, and computers can do beautiful things. Let's do our best to make it a great experience for all those who wish to have a good one.